samedi 7 mai 2005

Quel groupe de métal vous correspond le mieux ?

Voici mes résultats...

Faudra décidément que j'écoute ce groupe Daccord10

What metal band are you?

Iced Earth

You are Iced Earth! Your music stems from classic heavy metal with slight thrash roots. You love melody in your music, and you definitely love adding the element of fantasy with reality when you write your songs. Rhythm speed, heaviness, and melody are what you're all about!

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1 commentaire:

  1. Madame Dusnob7 mai 2005 à 18:30

    voici mon résultat:
    "What metal band are you?


    You are Dissection! You really detest the idea of organized religion, and speak out against it in your music. Your music rules, but your character is questionable. Your core member was arrested and convicted of murder, which really hurt your reputation. When he gets out, your band shall return! "

    Bof qd même!!!